Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Storm Watch For Wednesday

It's much earlier than normal (a very good sign), but NOAA has already issued a Winter Storm Watch beginning at midnight Tuesday night and ending at 6 PM Wednesday.

We don't have much new news for Storm Charley (it's official), but everything is still on track. A threat of a changeover to mixed precipitation after noon on Wednesday is still a possibility, especially in South Berkshire County. The GSD Staff is in agreement that we'll see about 8" of snow from this event. At the very least we're looking at 5 or 6", which is still plenty to cancel school given the timing of this storm. Tuesday night events and activities will not be cancelled, as the storm will not start until 1 AM or so.

Be on the lookout for snow showers and even steadier snow in the South County. There's a nice swath of snow moving east-north-east to our south. This snow is not at all related to Storm Charley, but if we get an inch in SoCo, that could help delay any changeover to sleet/mixed precip on Wednesday. Still, at that point, the superintendent's decision will already have been made so it really doesn't matter that much if and when the changeover occurs.

We like this storm A LOT. We should start to see local forecasters snow total graphics this evening. We'll pass those on when we can.

Storm Charley is going to make hump day a snow day.

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