Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Storm Charley Not Quite Finished Yet

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Storm Charley has dropped about 7" on the GSD Home Office so far, and we think she has another inch or two left in her.

Exhibit A:

This a shot of the radar as of 7 PM Wednesday. The big blue blob is moving due east, so we should see at least 2 more hours of snow, some of which could be moderate. Since most things were cancelled today, you probably don't have a pressing need to drive around the Berkshires. Should you decide to go out, travel at your own peril as roads will be messy.

I know some of you greedier types want a delay from Charley tomorrow--that's not going to happen.

After Charley sweeps on out of the Northeast, we have our eye on a potential storm for Sunday night into Monday. The models could not have been more in agreement for Charley; with our Sunday/Monday storm, the models could not be further apart in their predictions. One has us getting a major storm; the other takes the storm out to sea.

While we don't favor the prediction of a major storm for Monday, we do think the potential exists for a moderate (2-5") snowfall for Monday. So much depends on how certain patterns in the jet stream will affect the energy of this storm, which is only just starting to take shape in the Pacific Northwest. There are too many variables at this time for even a semi-accurate prediction.

Winter isn't going anywhere for at least a week. The highest temp we'll see is 26 degrees on Sunday, and then our next shot at the 30 degree mark is on Valentine's Eve (Thursday). Lows will be around zero most nights for the next week.

As always, we'll be keeping you up to date on the Sunday/Monday situation over the next few days. And there are only 7 more school days until vacation.

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