Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breaking News For Delilah

See below for specific info...

It's not even 7 PM and we have our first cancellation for Friday! North Adams has called for an early start to the vacation. Our guess is the North Adams superintendent took a beating today from students, parents and faculty about being one of the "only" schools in the county to have school today--even though he made the right call! Tonight's early call (no doubt an outlier) is in response to the pressure he unfairly received today.

While we feel for the North Adams superintendent and what he went through today, we do NOT condone this trend of cancelling school the night before. Perhaps he had other reasons, but we don't like this decision one bit.

Begrudgingly, we'll start the running tally of delays and cancellations:

North Adams (snow day)
Clarksburg (snow day)
Florida, MA (snow day)

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  1. I disagree...the night before call is helpful for making plans for children. It is also real nice to not have to set that alarm. I like this trend.