Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Begin Hatch-Battening for Delilah

Firstly, you must promise to belt this song out when your Superintendent decides to cancel school. [Man, they sure don't make them like they used to. BTW: Who is 2014's Tom Jones? Post a comment with suggestions. And it's not Biebs. If you suggest Biebs, it won't get published.]

Here's some good news: NWS just bumped our Winter Storm Warning from 8-14" up to 10-20". And then there's this map:

You should be cautious not to take national weather service providers' maps too literally, but we like the looks of that dark purple very close to the Berkshires. A 15" storm could shut schools down for two days.

We're still very much concerned about the timing of the storm. Most school districts are going to do things the old-fashioned way (or at least they ought to) and make the call tomorrow morning. So it's going to be up to the radar to bring us a snow day or not. If by 5 AM the snow line has made its way into Connecticut, then we'll have a snow day. If that line is stuck back in New Jersey, then schools might opt to tough it out and go for the release. Either way, the school day will be shortened. As of 4 PM Wednesday, the snow line was 500 miles away. Come on, snow line! You can do it!

We're not convinced the storm will start as early as the models are indicating. We now think 10 AM is a more realistic start time. Superintendents will ask themselves: Is it reckless to have students and buses driving at noon tomorrow? Probably, but we really won't know until tomorrow morning.

We'll have a few more tidbits for you around 10 PM tonight.


  1. Harry Connick, Jr. aka Tom Jones

  2. John Legend is the new era Tom Jones