A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder. -- Susan Orlean

Monday, January 26, 2015

Travel Ban for MA

Governer Charlie Baker has made the decision for superintendents everywhere. No one can be out on the roads after midnight tonight because of a statewide travel ban, and it's highly likely he's not going to lift that ban until the storm is well on its way tomorrow evening.

It's not official until your school tells you that you have no school, but we are exceedingly confident that there will not be any boys and girls gathering at their places of learning tomorrow.

We're going to forego our running tally of school cancellations because everyone will be cancelled. We will, however, start to turn our attention to Wednesday's delays and cancellations once some of the snowfall numbers start to come in from around the county.


Morning Map Time

Everything is on course for the biggest storm of 2015. The forecasted amount of liquid is still high, but the storm center may end up tracking a little more to the east than we expected. This could take snow totals down to the 8-12" range for central and northern Berkshire County. Still, that's more than enough snow to warrant school cancellations for Tuesday.

Connecticut will be under a travel ban after 9 PM tonight. We might see Massachusetts make the same decree, thus guaranteeing a snow day for tomorrow.

Here are a few maps for your perusal:

The first is from the Albany office of the NWS. The second image is from Boston's Dave Epstein. We definitely won't be at the epicenter of the storm, but we're awfully close. If we do end up getting close to 2 feet of snow, there's a good chance many schools will be cancelled on Wednesday as well. Once we get into this storm and sort out Tuesday's cancellations, the GSD Office will refocus its efforts on Wednesday and the potential double snow day from Storm Belichick.

Look for a few snow showers and flurries around midday, and then the main snow event cranking up after dark tonight.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Waiting for Storm Belichick

Even though the polls are open for 14 more hours, it looks like the Master of the Ideal Gas Law will have his name enshrined in immortality with this storm. It may be the biggest honor he'll get this year.

We couldn't help ourselves and thought we'd pass on two little tasty morsels of information before the end of the night. The liquid associated with this storm is supposed to be in the 1-2" range, with more water south than north. That's one chunk of info. Because of the relatively cold temperatures for the next few days, snow to liquid ratios with this storm will be around 15:1. That's our other chunk. If we put the chunks together, that means at least 15" of snow starting later in the afternoon on Monday.

Now you know why weather geeks are all a-tingle with this storm.

We don't think there's going to be much mystery about this storm, but of course we'll keep everyone updated on cancellations when they come in.

You know things are serious if this is how Channel 13 sees it.
And we almost forget...

plowable snow could fall Thursday night into Friday morning as an Alberta Clipper passes through our area and then re-forms along the coast. We thought it would take until February for the storm pattern to change. Fickle Mother Nature strikes again.

Winter Storm Warning

More good news from the good folks at The National Weather Service. We've been upgraded from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning. Get ready to feel the wrath of Old Man Winter!

The duration of the Warning is from 1 PM Monday to 1 AM Wednesday. You can't ask for better timing. We expect many school districts to make the call for the snow day tomorrow night or even at the end of school tomorrow (Monday).

Tomorrow, you might want to stock up on a few supplies if you're running low. Travel will be very difficult Monday night and all day Tuesday. No one should be out on the roads on Tuesday. It's possible that the Governor of the Commonwealth could call a State of Emergency, which would prohibit travel.

We also expect local colleges to have to cancel for the day.

By the way, the latest over/under snow day number for this storm is 1.5. Yes, that means some schools--we're thinking South County schools will have the best shot--could have the double snow day from this behemoth.

Check out Accuweather's latest hype:

That's a lot of snow.
Enjoy this one; storms this big don't come around too often.