Monday, January 18, 2021

Cold Air and Snow Looming

While we can't say definitively that we've turned the corner for winter weather, we can say that the signal light is on and the brakes are being applied.

We woke up again today to another round of light snow. We measured close to 2" around 10:30 at the Home Office in Williamstown. Add in yesterday's 1.2" and Saturday's 1.5" of slush and that's a decent haul for the long weekend.

This week you can expect a lot of gray (still) and chances for snow showers pretty much every day. Any accumulations would be very light but might be enough to coat the roads.

Snow accumulation prediction by the Euro model, as of midnight Tuesday (the 26th). A ski country dream scenario.

The temperature is the area where we'll see the most variance. We will still be stuck in the mid-30s for highs Monday and Tuesday, and then we'll drop to the upper 20s for two days before returning to the mid-30s by Friday. Then, next weekend is when we'll see a real change to winter temps. Highs on Saturday will be in the low 20s and lows will be around 10, and that pattern will stick around for all of next week.

As for more substantial snow, we now have our eyes set on a Monday night/Tuesday storm. Both the Euro and the North American models are showing a storm in the 4-8" range. That both models are similar a week out is a good sign, but this event will definitely require extensive monitoring as we get closer to it.


Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Weather Advisory For Late Friday Night

The higher up you live in the Berkshires, the better chance you have of seeing measurable snow this evening and Saturday. The National Weather Service over in Albany announced a Winter Weather Advisory early this afternoon with the potential for 2-5 inches of snow by 10 AM. 

The precipitation will stream in from south late tonight. It will probably start as rain for most in the county before changing over to mixed precipitation and then a period of snow. How long the precipitation comes down as snow will largely be determined by the elevation of your town. It's hard to say for sure, but 1200 feet seems to be a dividing line. Below 1200 feet, don't expect much. Above 1200', you could see up to 5 inches. 

Whether you see snow or not, tomorrow morning is going to be wet, slushy and windy. We could see gusts approaching 40 mph as we near daybreak.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Be Patient...Snow Will Come Eventually

Unfortunately, this post will be relatively short as we don't have much to report about the weather this week. But the next few weeks could be a-whole-nother ball game.

This week, temps will be creeping up to "above normal" levels (40s by Thursday), and we'll continue to see below normal precipitation levels. We might see a few flurries here or there Monday, but the chances are slim. The rest of the week will be dry, with perhaps some kind of light disturbance coming in for the weekend.

Accuweather doing it's best to keep hope alive.

But take heart that there is still a lot of meteorological chatter about snow events for mid- and late January. The models show a chance for plowable snow next Monday/Tuesday. And from there the weather pattern will turn colder (highs in the 20s) and more stormy.

We know we promised an active early January a few weeks ago, but we're going to push that prediction back a few weeks. Now we think the weeks of January 18 and 25 will be productive. And we really mean it this time!

We'll let you know if we see anything more definitive and more promising.