A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder. -- Susan Orlean

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snow Showers Tonight; Slim Chance for Delays Thursday

Another coastal storm is blasting Maine with another 6-12 inches right now, but around these parts we're only going to see an inch or two of snow tonight.

We do not think there will delays tomorrow morning, but there is an outside shot one or two schools calls in for the late start. Part of the problem is the warm temperature. It's 35 degrees at the GSD Home Office so the snow is not sticking to the roads. We will drop below freezing after midnight so we might see some accumulation on the roads.

We could see 3-4 inches if and only if the upslope snows continue and we get stuck in a few moderate bursts of snow. While this scenario is unlikely, it could play out and impact the morning commute.

No snow for the weekend, and we will see temps warm up to the 40s.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Delay Tomorrow; Squalls and Upslope Snow on Wednesday

Gabriel Abbott Memorial in Florida has a two-hour delay today, but that should be the only one for the County this morning.

Today will start out very cold (low teens) but warm up to almost 30 today. Our snow that we hoped would impact the morning commute tomorrow is going to hold off until midmorning. The snow tomorrow will be more of the snow squall variety, which means it will be intermittent and hard to predict. A few strong squalls could coat the roads quickly, but these squalls will not be enough to impact the school day on Wednesday. On Wednesday night we could see the return of upslope snow. We'll keep an eye on that situation to see if it will impact the Thursday morning drive to school.

After early Thursday morning, we'll see a period of relative quiet until the middle of next week. Temps in the mid-40s this weekend. Get out the shorts!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Upslope Snow

Good morning! Those of you looking for the list of cancellations and delays, you can go here. Sadly, we didn't see too many upgrades over night. There still could be a few more, but most likely this list is final. Schools north of Pittsfield were the big winners with this storm.

As for today, Berkshire County will see what is called upslope snow. What lake effect snow is to Buffalo, New York, upslope snow is to Berkshire County. After a big storm exits to our east, the wrap around energy creates a snow pipeline from Canada down through the Green Mountains and into the Berkshires (see below). Sometimes, we get trapped in this upslope snow for hours, which can lead to several more inches of accumulation in the dying hours of a storm.

A good image of upslope snow from Vermont all the way down to the Litchfield Hills in Connecticut.
Today, we'll see another 1-3 inches from upslope snow, especially in northern Berkshire County.

The other big issue, which you've probably already noticed, is the wind. We do have a Wind Advisory for the County, which means sustained winds in the 20 and 30 mph range with gusts up to 50 mph possible. Roads next to open fields and spaces could be particular treacherous during the day because of the blowing snow.

Everything will start to wind down late in the afternoon and in the early evening. The snow will be intermittent throughout the day before coming to an end this afternoon. Winds will finally die down around nightfall.

Next up for Berkshire County is a minor storm for Wednesday morning. Originally, the thought was we might see a third nor'easter, but the two energy systems will not phase and create a large coastal storm. Instead, we'll see about 2-3 inches during the morning commute and morning hours. Yes, delays are indeed possible.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cancellations and Delays for Monday, February 13

If you want the scoop on how the storm will play out tomorrow, read this.

If you want to read about lucky students who have a three-day weekend, start reading here:


Bement School
Berkshire Community College (decision for evening classes to be made at 3 PM)
Bowdoin College
Central Berkshire
Emma Miller Memorial (Savoy)
Gabriel Abbott Memorial (Florida)
Miss Hall's
Mohawk Trail
Mount Greylock
North Adams
Northern Berkshire Vocational (McCann)
Southern Berkshire


Berkshire Christian
Berkshire Country Day
Berkshire Hills
Emma Willard
Farmington River SD (Otis)
Hoosick Falls (NY)
New Lebanon (NY)
Pine Cobble
Southwest Vermont SU
Williams College (Delayed 2 hours; Children's Center Opens at 9:30; Admin. Offices open at 10 AM)


MCLA (opens at 1 PM)

*Some of these delays are conditional and could change tomorrow morning depending on the...conditions. We'll update if when we hear more.