Saturday, January 18, 2020

Winter Storm Warning for Saturday, Jan. 18

Yesterday afternoon, NWS Albany issued a Winter Storm Warning for Berkshire County and southern Vermont. The Warning begins at 1 PM and ends at 7 AM but the snow will end well before daylight on Sunday.

Snow should start falling around 2 PM in the Berkshires (west to east). North County should get slightly more of the white stuff. Some higher elevation towns in North County could approach 10 inches. Lower elevation towns in South County could see as little as 3 inches.

Had this storm fallen on a random Tuesday in January, there would have been a lot of hand-wringing about full snow days or delays. Because the snow will end around 2 AM, many districts would have gone with a delay and a few, especially north of Pittsfield, would have gone with the full snow day. It definitely would have been a do-your-homework-just-in-case kind of storm.

Here's the latest prediction from NWS Albany:

Check our Twitter feed (@GreylockSnowDa1) for snow totals throughout the storm.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Winter Storm Watch For Saturday & Saturday Night

NWS Albany has issued a Winter Storm Watch starting on Saturday at 1 PM. The Watch will last until 7 AM on Sunday. The GSD Staff expects the Watch will be upgraded to a Warning very late tonight once we get within 12 hours of the onset of snow.

NWS Albany
The onset of snow. Right now it looks like Berkshire County will see the first flakes with this storm around 3 PM. Because this storm will a quick hitter, expect some snowfall rates of 1 inch per hour after dark. Travel after 6 PM will likely be difficult so get your provisions, put a movie or two on your watch list, and enjoy a winter night in.

The storm should wrap up by 2 or 3 AM so you'll have to check in with church or the local hockey rink to see if your service or game/practice is still on for Sunday morning. The rest of Sunday will be a blustery but warmer day (mid-30s) with leftover snow showers throughout the day. The storm will "bomb out" off the coast of Maine and deliver a blizzard to Newfoundland on Sunday.

As for future storms, we are already hearing some chatter about a bigger weekend storm for the 25th and 26th. Stay tuned.

Channel 6 Albany

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Weekend Snow Storm Is On

Certainly in parts of Northern Berkshire County a delay would have been appreciated this morning. Route 7 and 2 were mostly okay for the morning commute in Williamstown, but side roads were slippery due to the very greasy snow. Temps were right around freezing today, which led to the heavy, wet snow.

But this weekend we won't be dealing with heavy wet snow at all. Our snow on Saturday should be relatively dry and light as temps will be in the mid 20s for the duration of the snowfall.

We haven't seen too many changes to the weekend forecast. NWS Albany is expecting a 6-8 inch storm for most of the Berkshires. The US model thinks we'll only see 3-4 inches in South County, but the Euro shows 6" from the border to border. We'll see who wins this round of the ongoing battle of the models.

Thanks to NWS Albany for all the great snow maps.
Morning activities should be good to go on Saturday, but anything scheduled after 2:00 will likely be postponed. The bulk of the snow will fall in a 12-hour period which means the snow will be coming down at a good clip in the afternoon and evening.

A final note: because it's been so warm recently, tomorrow is going to feel unusually frigid with mid-teen temps and a brisk wind. Bundle up!

Thursday (Jan. 16) Morning Snow Update

We have an inch of snow at the GSD Home Office (as of 5:30 AM) and it is still snowing. According to the radar, the snow is falling lightly from Pittsfield northward. Vermont and the Adirondacks are getting a moderate storm.

Because of the ongoing snow--which should last through the morning hours--we do have a few delays in southern Vermont (Arlington, Stamford Elementary and Twin Valley) and Franklin County this morning but none in Berkshire County.