Sunday, August 6, 2017

2016-2017 Snow Fall Totals

(Snowfall amounts as recorded at the GSD Home Office in Williamstown, MA.)

Thurs Oct 27 1.2"
Sun./Mon Nov 20-21 8.5"
Sun/Mon Dec 4-5 1.2"
Fri Dec 9 0.1"
Sun/Mon Dec 11/12 5.0"
Wed Dec 13 0.7"
Sat Dec 17 5.8"
Thurs Dec 22 1.7"
Thurs Dec 29 4.0"
Thurs Jan 5 0.1"
Fri Jan 6 1.0"
Sat Jan 7 0.25"
Sun Jan 8 0.25"
Tues Jan 24 2.0"
Tues Jan 30 1.0"
Wed Jan 31 2.5"
Tues Feb 7 2.0"
Thurs Feb 9 7.5"
Sat Feb 11 2.25"
Sun/Mon Feb 12-13 8.6"
Tues/Wed Mar 14-15 16.5"
Thurs Mar 23 0.7"
Fri Mar 31 1.5"
Season Total: 73.35"

(Red=Mostly Delays
Blue=Mostly Snow Days)

Friday, March 31, 2017

There's Plenty of Storm Left

Even though dedicated snow day hounds were disappointed by the outcomes this morning, this storm has some bite of its own left in it.

Let's just say this storm isn't moisture starved. The wall of wetness is still headed our way as the low pressure system begins to intensify all the way down there around the Delmarva peninsula.

A lot of moisture yet to come. 12:45 PM radar.
The Berkshires are in the Winter Weather Advisory period, and we have an outside chance of getting upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning later this afternoon or tonight if the temps drop a degree or two. Your elevation also will determine the severity of your weather this afternoon and evening. Places above 1500 feet will get a combo of snow and sleet while locations below 1500 feet will see wet snow and rain with the eventual changeover to all snow for everyone.

Driving conditions tonight don't look encouraging. The messiness should extend into Saturday morning as well.

Enjoy the weekend, and let's hope this is winter's last gasp.

Late March Storm Update & Cancellations

At the GSD Home Office, we have a light coating of snow on the ground but roads are just fine. Heavy snow bands are in our very near future--between 6 and 8 AM--which will make the commute to school interesting.

Right now the storm is not tightly organized, but snow, sleet, and rain should become steadier throughout the day as a secondary low forms off the coast.

The 6 AM radar.
We do have a few cancellations and early releases to report. We'll add to this list if/when more come in, and we do think a few more will add their names to the release list. New schools to the list will be in blue.


Southern Berkshire


Emma Miller
Gabriel Abbott Memorial
Mohawk Trail


Southwest VT Supervisory Union
Stamford, VT

Thursday, March 30, 2017

April Fool's Storm -- The Evening Report

It's almost April and we're sweating out another snow day decision. Thank you, winter of 2016-17, for making up for last year.

Here are a few maps before we talk about tomorrow:

Channel 6 Albany

Channel 10 Albany
National Weather Service Albany

Really, it's just mess. The latest models are definitely leaning toward longer periods of sleet and freezing rain, which they were not indicating earlier in the week. The predicted temperature is still a moving target--some models show warmer and others have the cold air in place longer. This is just to say that we could see 1 inch or we could see 10 inches. Elevation and north/south location will make a big difference tomorrow.

Despite the uncertainty, this is what the GSD Staff thinks is going to happen. It will be snowing or sleeting during decision time for Superintendents tomorrow morning, especially north of I-90. Most will choose to go with a full school day because the roads won't be too bad. Because of the threat for ice and power outages, one or two will get nervous and opt for the snow day. The likely candidates are North County schools as well as Central Berkshire, due to the higher elevation. Then, if we get an extended period of sleet and freezing rain, we could see some schools call the early release and let the youngsters get a head start on their weekend. Schools south of I-90 are probably going to have a full day, with a slight chance of a delay.

The Staff will be up early. We'll update on the storm and run a list, should schools opt out tomorrow.