Friday, March 9, 2012

3.9.12: Snow Squalls Tonight

Don't let the very heavy snow you may be experiencing get you too excited--these are just bands of strong squalls and won't amount to much. Travel could be treacherous for a short period in the early evening, but this will not be a prolonged snow event. Maybe an inch on grassy surfaces.

As for next week, we see very warm spring temps on the horizon, with several days in the 60s.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week of 3.5.12: Find Your Shorts!

Hope you enjoyed the snow--and we're glad the x-country teams got to sneak in their championships--but a significant warm-up is heading our way.

Dig them out for Thursday.
We may see some snow showers tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow but that's probably it for precipitation for the school week starting March 5. On Wednesday we'll see temps in the low 50s and then by Thursday we could hit the low 60s (!). We're definitely ambivalent about this turn of events, but it was pretty easy getting used to no snow this winter so we might as well get on with it and let Spring happen.

On that note, though, all of you are wise enough to know that we're still two months away from being in the clear as it relates to snow storms. We still think we'll have a Spring companion storm for the Halloween event, so we wouldn't advise putting away the snow pants when you dig out your shorts later this week.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Some Final Analysis...

Quite the turn of events over the last 24 hours! That certainly was fun. Unfortunately, that may be the last bit of weather entertainment for the winter of 2011-12. Before yesterday and today, we were in the running for 2nd place on the all-time least snowy winters since they started keeping records in 1884. Should we get no more snow the rest of the way, 2011-12 will still be in the top 10 of snow-less winters.

Light snow should continue for the next few hours. We may have a few more bands of moderate snow to give us another inch or two but that will be it. The evening commute will be a-okay.

We didn't exactly hit the nail on the head with this storm, but at least GSD kept expectations low. Better that than the other way around. We're going to chalk this one as a half right prediction.

Given the relatively clean state of the roads as of 9:30 am, we probably could have gotten away with a delay today.

Thanks for following. We don't foresee any major snow events over the next few weeks, but our eyes are always open at GSD.

Storm 3.1.12: It's Official--School Is Closed!

For the first time this year, we have a snow day. Yoo-hoo! We'll keep updating for a few more minutes in the previous post. Have a great day--enjoy it because this may be the only one.

Storm 3.1.12: Early AM Report

[UPDATES Below....]

The snow is coming down at a moderate pace in the Northern Berkshires, and the radar looks very good with several hours of snow--some bands heavy at times--out to the west and moving east. On the computer screen, this looks like a no-brainer: people shouldn't be driving in this weather.

Schools near the Berkshires (and in the Berkshires) that have called off school already? New Lebanon, NY; Brunswick, NY; Savoy; Central Berkshire.

We still think this is all or nothing--snow day or school and we're leaning toward snow day, especially given this special weather statement from NWS, which was posted at 3:41 am.

5:16 am: Many big Albany schools are closed--another good sign. Savoy and Central Berk have boldly led the way for cancellations so far.

5:18 am: Not sure what it means when "School's Out, Inc." in Albany is closed but that HAS to be a good sign.

5:24 am: Adams-Cheshire is in the house! When the Hurricanes shut it down, that's a very good sign.

5:30 am: Bennington and Stamford have joined the "School is Closed" party. 

5:32 am: North Adams, Hancock, and Pine Cobble have joined the fray. 

5:35 am: BART's table has been reserved at the All You Can Eat No School Buffet. 

5:38 am: So Berkshire, Lenox, Mount Greylock & McCann have finally and mercifully given in to peer pressure. Still waiting on Pittsfield and Lee. 

5:43 am: Robocall threw us off for a second there...please put your hands together for Pittsfield, who have joined us. Still no word on Lee.

5:47 am: Lee's in, and we're pretty sure that's it for Berkshire County. Well done, Supers and Heads of School!

5:54 am: Somehow missed Berkshire Hills there in all the excitement--they're in and that, we think, is a clean sweep for Berkshire County. Enjoy the day off.