Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1st Storm Delilah Announcements

See below for forecast info...

We have our first weather-related announcements of the evening. North Adams, Pittsfield and Adams-Cheshire have announced early releases for tomorrow. Those could change to full snow days in the morning if the rest of the county goes with snow days.

The running tally (updates throughout the night):

North Adams (release)
Pittsfield (release)
Adams-Cheshire (release)
BArT (release)
So. Berkshire (closed)
Central Berkshire (closed)
Berkshire Hills (closed)
Pine Cobble (release)
Clarksburg (release)
Berkshire Country Day (closed)
Mt. Greylock (11:45 release)
Williamstown (release)
Lanesborough (release)
Lenox (closed)
Lee (closed)
McCann (closed)
Hancock (closed)
Mohawk Trail (closed)

Not too many schools are left; do check tomorrow to see if your district upgrades the release to a full snow day. The snow line is in southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey as of 9 PM. 

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