Thursday, February 13, 2014

Storm Delilah Arrives Early

Here's the current list of releases and cancellations. We'll highlight in red any changes to the decisions made by Superintendents last night.

North Adams (release)
Pittsfield (release)
Adams-Cheshire (release)
BArT (release)
So. Berkshire (closed)
Central Berkshire (closed)
Berkshire Hills (closed)
Pine Cobble (release)
Clarksburg (release)
Berkshire Country Day (closed)
Mt. Greylock (closed)
Williamstown (closed)
Lanesborough (closed)
Lenox (closed)
Lee (closed)
McCann (closed)
Hancock (closed)
Mohawk Trail (closed)
Southwest VT SU (closed)

We'll be frank. With the early arrival of the snow and a band of moderate snow not too far from Berkshire County, we think the early release schools may want to reconsider their decisions.

Here's the current radar picture (5:40 AM):

The snow right around NYC is moderate. That snow should get to the Berkshires within a few hours. A lot of times with these storms we have a high pressure system in place over Quebec that blocks the storm from advancing too quickly. That's not the case this time around, which is why the snow has moved into the Berks more quickly than we had anticipated. Students heading home at noon will need to be very careful on the roads.

We'll have more about the storm and its impact on Friday's school day later today.


  1. Snow coming down in Pittsfield. Already covering the roads. Superintendents should take heed.

  2. Hey there Delilah whats it like in New York City?