Friday, January 21, 2011

New Feature Debuts!

The ace Research and Development Department at GSD has unveiled a new feature to the ever-popular GSD Confidence Meter. To better pinpoint the impact of wintry weather on the school day, GSD will now be predicting the chance of two-hour delays.

"We couldn't believe the two-hour delay returned," said the GSD Chief of Quality Control. "We thought it had gone the way of the calzone as a hot lunch offering."

GSD staff members will continue to give readers predictions about the chance of a snow day, and the new delay prediction percentage will appear directly beneath the popular "%CHANCE" tool. Because of the new delay tool, GSD engineers have had to make a few other minor changes to the Meter.

"We've changed "%CHANCE" to "%SNOW DAY" and the new tool will read "%DELAY," said the Quality Control Chief. "And we're super-pumped with what R & D came up with for the color scheme. Red says, 'Stop, stay in bed, no school,' while the green says, 'Go--yeah, you gotta go to school but just not as long.' The innovation we've shown with these color schemes shows you just how far we're willing to go to enhance the followers' prediction experience, and it's why we're number one in the snow day prediction industry in this region."

The two-hour delay tool should be put to use Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

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