Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Storm Warning for Storm Charley

At 3:45 AM Tuesday, the National Weather Service upgraded our storm from a Watch to a Warning. In addition, projected snow totals have been raised for the Berkshires. We are now expected to see 8-12", with some locations in higher elevations nearing 15".

We're hearing great things about "isentropic lift" and "frontogenesis." Translation: boatloads of snow.

Here's a nice map, courtesy of New England Cable News.
We think the snow is going to start later than 1:30 AM. If you were to set your alarm for 3 AM tonight (and we're not entirely sure why you'd want to do that), you would see the first flakes of storm Charley. We expect heavy snow during the morning commute tomorrow and through the morning hours. The snow will taper in the afternoon and end around 6 PM.

We were critical of Superintendents for calling in the snow day the night before during the Jan. 2-3 storm, but the body of evidence supporting this storm suggests that Superintendents should--with clear consciences--call in their snow days tonight. Tomorrow's travel will range from unpleasant to treacherous as road crews will not have time to keep up with the storm in the initial 6-8 hours of the storm.

Make sure you bring your work home that you will need for any Thursday assignments.

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