Friday, February 28, 2014

Storm E Heading South

It's definitely going to snow on Monday, but it looks like the brunt of the storm will impact areas to our south. NYC, New Haven and Providence will be the big winners for this storm. 

Right now we see the storm beginning in the wee hours of Monday and as late as dawn for Northern Berkshire County. South County should see close to 6 inches; North County should see about 4 inches. Given the shift in timing of this storm (it's arriving late now), we think there will be a few cancellations south and nothing much happening up north (Pittsfield and up).

We still will be monitoring this storm closely. The amount of moisture predicted for our area is lower than yesterday so that's we suddenly are bearish on this storm. 

More tomorrow. Although we fundamentally do not condone such negative attitudes, we know a lot of people are not upset that this storm is heading south. 

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