Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day for Thursday?

Storm That Starts With D is proving to be a moving target. Our latest intel, courtesy of one of our GSD Satellite Offices, suggests we might be looking at a Thursday snow day.

Here is one meteorologist's guess at the timing of the storm:

Fig. A

If figure A proves to be accurate, and we consider figure B (see below)...

Fig. B
...then we find it hard to believe that Superintendents will send defenseless little school children into the teeth of a predicted blizzard. If the phrase "Blizzard Watch" gets uttered by the National Weather Service in the next 24 hours--and that possibility is not out of the question--then a school cancellation is almost a certainty if the storm is projected to start shortly after the morning commute on Thursday.

This is one wild storm, and we've only scratched the surface of it. Things will change over the next 24-hours, but we want you to be prepared either way should it deliver a mighty blow to the region or hustle on out to sea.

Current prediction: Release on Thursday; Delay on Friday.

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