Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dry Slot to Bring Totals Down

You probably noticed that the snow has almost stopped. What has happened is a dry slot has worked its way into storm Delilah and interrupted her progress. This does not bode well for you greedy types out there who want another extended vacation (see Storm Brooklyn).

But don't forget that we have phase 2 to look forward to. We've been studying the radar, and phase 2 is coming, but it may not be as organized and explosive as we were hoping. There's still plenty of time for it to develop to the anticipated heavy snow bands, but 15 to 20" may be out of the question for Delilah.

4 PM radar
The moisture is still lifting almost due north. The bottom part of the storm (all that moisture in Virginia) is enhancing and drawing in moisture from the Atlantic. An energy system in Ohio is in the process of transferring itself to the coastal low, which will bump up the intensity. The snow should continue to fill in the dry slot throughout the night, but we might see the big bands of snow shift more to our north.

Delays are possible tomorrow; a full snow day seems less likely because the storm is losing some of its tight formation.

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