Friday, February 14, 2014

Storm Delilah: Special Valentine's Day Edition

Delilah ultimately did come through with her late night fury. The snow has been coming down moderately for a while now, and we should see snow for at least a few more hours (8 AM). Even after the main part of the storm ends, there will be periods of wraparound snow as Delilah exits our region. The other mitigating factor is the wind, which has picked up considerably, and the blowing and drifting of snow will complicate travel through midday.

There are good misses and there are bad misses. Fortunately, our hesitancy about the development of phase 2 resulted in a gain for all of you faithful followers of the flake. Almost all schools have called in with cancellations. Vacation begins right now! Here's this morning's running list; any updates from last night will be in red:

North Adams (closed)
Clarksburg (closed)
Florida (closed)
BArT (closed)
Hancock (closed)
Richmond (closed)
New Lebanon (closed)
Southwest Vermont SU (closed)
Central Berkshire (closed)
Pine Cobble (closed)
Pittsfield (closed)
Southern Berkshire (closed)
Lenox (closed)
Adams-Cheshire (closed)
Berkshire Country Day (closed)
Berkshire Hills (closed)
Mohawk Trail (closed)
Mt. Greylock (closed)
Gt. Barrington Rudolf Steiner (closed)
Lanesborough (closed)
Williamstown (closed)
McCann (closed)
Lee (closed)
BCC (closed)

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