Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's the Prognosis for Delilah?

A brief timeout from Delilah...

There's a really fun side effect with the notable storms in the southeast that have shut down school for days at a time. A whole new community has been introduced to the snow day, and it looks like school administrators in those parts are having a whole lot more fun with cancellations than the good folks that run schools around here.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

We really hope NOT to spur on a Harvard Baseball team/"Call Me Baby" imitate-athon, but we wouldn't mind hearing a few administrators step up their game.

As for this little thing we have going on called Storm Delilah...

On the meteorology campus that is home to the GSD Office, we have a slightly disappointing 5" of snow as of 5 PM Thursday. We thought there would be more than that by now. But the professionals are still calling for the storm to deepen considerably and another 6-10 inches with heavy snow bands should fall around midnight.

We're skeptical that we'll see that much in the Berkshires. The dreaded dry slot has weakened Delilah considerably. And unless we see significant frontogenesis and bombogenesis from the back end of the storm (phase 2), all the good boys and girls of the Berkshires will have an opportunity tomorrow to wish their teachers and administrators well before they head out for February break.

We're bearish on phase 2's development into a heavy snow event. As a result, we will see some delays, but most students will have to go to school tomorrow.

We're definitely NOT giving up on Delilah yet and will monitor the radar and incoming data throughout the evening hours.

Channel 13...doing its best to keep hope alive.

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  1. Channel 13 reports 7.5" of white, flakey goodness in Lanesboro as of 5:45p.m. Thursday.