Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thursday Late Evening Report: Storm Delilah

Back in the old days, the GSD Late Evening Report was the final word on the snow day. You could read GSD and go to bed, and more often than not you'd know what you would be reading across the scroll on your favorite morning news program.

Not now. Superintendents for some reason are feeling compelled to let people know the night before. While we appreciate the convenience of such news, we admit it does take some fun out of the morning surprise of a snow day or delay announcement. Alas, another era gone by.

The mix of snow days and releases tomorrow makes a lot of sense. The South County schools have for the most part called in cancellations. The northern schools are holding out. It definitely could be a little dicey for those return trips home at or around noon, but it might not be too bad. Superintendents' collective fingers crossed.

Thanks, Bob.
If you have school tomorrow, make sure you check here or elsewhere to see if your district has changed its mind. The only changes we might see are releases becoming full snow days. We'll be on top of it so you can check here to get what you need.

Here's the 10:15 PM Thursday radar:

That is a bee-you-tiful sight. The storm is really starting to crank up, and that wall of blue will overspread our area by 9:00 AM. It's around 250 miles away. Hopefully it will be light at the onset for those students who have to go to school for a partial day tomorrow.

Once we get through tomorrow morning, the fun really begins. There will be a strong surge of snow in the afternoon of Thursday, then after midnight we could see even more intense snow fall rates (3" per hour). We'll obviously be tracking those developments and offer a prediction for the Friday school day at some point tomorrow night. No school-related events will happen tomorrow night, and we think we'll see many school delays on Friday.

If you're still up, get your rest! We'll be on the case early tomorrow to see if any districts go with the upgrade. We'll start tweaking the True North Confidence Meter tomorrow (for Friday).

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