Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wintry Mix for Memorial Day Weekend

Further proof that some magical force is at work giving us more and more extreme weather. We have no idea what that force could be...

The words "wintry mix" have been uttered by meteorologists around the region for today, and, yes, it is the weekend that unofficially kicks off summer. Put those pastel dresses and Nantucket reds and mint juleps away and break out the puffy coat and the hot chocolate! Folks in the higher terrains may hear some sleet tapping away on the ol' double pane windows this morning with perhaps a more widespread swath of wintry weather for tonight. It's not a certainty, and it really won't mess with anyone's travel plans, but that cookout you were hoping to have this weekend? Make sure you have two fires--one for the dogs and burgers and the other to warm your guests.

Hopefully, the next time we post will be our mid-summer long-range forecast for Winter 2013-14, but you never know what freak weather event will pop up on the next few weeks.