Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cold Snap Ahead

Been enjoying these few days of mild temperatures? We hope so because a very cold air mass is poised to ruin the spring mood you may have been feeling.

Temps will plummet from the 40s to the low to mid 20s on Monday. There will also be a not insignificant wind to deal with, which will make the return to school on Monday a double cold slap of reality. The cold air will stick around for awhile, and you have high temps in the teens on Thursday to look forward to. Good times!

When's it going to snow again? It looks like Wednesday presents our next best chance. We have a coastal storm developing, but it looks like it will be well to our south and will not affect our area in a significant way. We'll keep an eye on it, but a dusting is the best possible outcome.

Don't forget to get those writing contest submissions in! Remember to provide all the necessary information yourself and your school.

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