Saturday, February 8, 2014

Unsettled Weather Ahead

We had genuine excitement in the GSD Office earlier this past week not only because of Storm Charley but also because of a possible heavy snow event for Sunday into Monday.

Unfortunately, the big storm predicted for Monday is not going to happen. There were two energy levels that were supposed to come together like two lovers on Valentine's Day and form a big coastal storm, but now we'll only see a long distance relationship.

What we will see instead is a good chance at snow showers and even accumulating light snow on Sunday. At worst we'll see just a few snow showers that will dust the streets. Best case scenario is about 2" of light powder, which will not in any way affect the Monday morning commute. Still, there is a high degree of uncertainty about this storm so you shouldn't sleep on it just yet.

As we head towards a glorious mid-winter break, we could be dealing with a mess on Thursday and/or Friday. Temperatures will rise. We could see a snow-to-rain-and-back-to-snow event that will start as early as late Wednesday night and end on Friday. Again, snow totals will be light with this storm and should not affect the length of the school day either Thursday or Friday. If Superintendents do have to make a call, a delay is really the only likely outcome.

Don't forget to make the time
to craft your winter rhymes.

A nice chunk of cash goes to the best
poem entered in the GSD Writing Contest.

(We know you can do much better than these feeble lines. Good luck, and check in tomorrow should we have any developments with the snow forecast.)

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