Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keep the High Boots Handy

No real new news on the Alberta clippers for today and Thursday. They'll produce nuisance snow before it gets very cold on Friday (highs in the teens).

Now for the next big thing...

Here's a model-produced map of forecasted snow totals through Tuesday (March 4) of the CONUS (Continental United States). The European model produced this estimate, and regular readers know that the Euro model has been the model of choice this winter.

Thanks to Henry Margusity at Accuweather for this map.
It's a little hard to read, but the burgundy/purple area over western Massachusetts indicates we will see a foot of snow by Tuesday. Are we looking at a double snow day scenario again? Will the winter of 13-14 be remembered for the year that Old Man Winter threw down a triple double?

We're definitely getting ahead of ourselves with this kind of questioning. While it's certainly possible that we'll see 8-12" of snow at some point between Sunday night and Tuesday morning, the many variables of this storm system could make it a big bust. We'll know everything we need to know by Saturday.

We do like the early indications we're getting from forecasting models and meteorologists, but we urge you to keep your excitement in check. And for those party-poopers out there who are, like, so done with winter--it looks like you'll have to suffer through another major event.

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