Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow Squall Sneak Attack

The lake effect snow today has been a little (okay, A LOT) more robust than we expected, and Berkshire County has been hit with several bands of light to even moderate snow.

We'll see an inch in many places when it starts to wrap up this evening. When the sun goes down, the winds will drop. When the winds drop, these snow bands coming from the northwest will start to dry up.

Playoff basketball games should not be effected tonight, unless school administrators are overly cautious (or someone's star player needs an extra day to heal an injury). Fans driving around Western Mass should allow themselves extra time for travel.

Intermittent snow for Monday afternoon and early evening (3 PM Monday radar).
We're still looking at a light snow event for Wednesday. Perhaps we'll see 3", but that's a high estimate. Two inches during the day will be the likely outcome. No releases or delays are expected.

Stay warm--it will be chilly for the next few days.

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