Sunday, October 26, 2014

Snow Is In The Forecast

A fun game we play around the ol' GSD office with fall rain storms--especially ones that are called nor'easters--is to imagine how much snow we would have gotten had the rain storm been a snow storm. (It's not so much a game as it is an exercise of wishful thinking.)

The latest NWS data reports tell us that over 2 inches of rain fell in Pittsfield, starting last Tuesday and ending on Friday. If we plug in a modest 8:1 ratio (snow to liquid; most storms are in the 10 or 12:1 range), we would have seen close to 12" of snow on Thursday, the wettest day of the four days of the past weather event.

Had the temperature been below freezing, we would have had our first snow day of the season on Thursday, though it's likely a few school districts might have prematurely cancelled school on Wednesday because the of the gloom and doom forecast. Now that's fun to think about!

As for non-theoretical's time to get out the galoshes because the words "mixed precipitation" and "snow" are in the forecast for the coming weekend. Hoo-ha! While we don't love the timing of these forecasted flakes, we love the fact that it will be cold enough for snow.

Friday night (not to worry--well after the tricking and the treating) appears to be the window for snow with this very minor weather event. If it snows at all, it will be a heavy, wet snow and will not accumulate more than an inch or two. Higher elevation folk will have a better chance of snow than valley denizens.

We'll chime in later in the week should meteorological developments warrant it. Have a great week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We're Back...Bring On the Snow

It's official. While out and about in the great outdoors in the Berkshires earlier today (Sunday), the founder and CEO of Greylock Snow Day felt the first flake of the 2014-15 season. While it may not have exactly been a flake and it certainly did not last very long, the piece of precipitation was very much frozen and there were witnesses. Faithful flake followers, we are opening up shop for the season! The first measurable snowfall can only be a few weeks away.

It also just so happens that the beloved word "nor'easter" has been mentioned by a few media outlets in the last day or so, which also prompted us to fire up the GSD Headquarters, dust off the ol' weather maps and re-boot our weather model-trackers (a.k.a The Super Computer). Sadly, this nor'easter will be of the atrociously wet kind. One to two inches of rain is forecast from Tuesday through Thursday (October 21 through 23), with much, much more up there Downeast and in New Brunswick (5+ inches possible). We're hoping the rain storm will slide on past us off the coast--there is a chance it won't develop as deeply as the experts are saying--but we probably shouldn't complain if Mother Nature tries to make up for the dry September she gifted us last month. North Adams only saw 3/4 of an inch for the entire month.

While we won't be posting daily just yet, we will give out reports at least weekly until the bigger storms start to roll in. Our next best chance for snow does not look likely that it will occur for at least two weeks. But keep your eye on this midweek rain event/nor'easter as the wind could whip up and knock power out for a few hours.

Until we meet again, keep thinking those wintry thoughts.