Sunday, February 9, 2014

Light Snow This Afternoon (Sunday Feb. 9)

The "best case scenario" we mentioned yesterday will be our likely outcome this afternoon. Expect the light snow to kick in around 4 PM. The storm is an Alberta Clipper (fast mover) with some lifting of precipitation from the Atlantic. It's not a coastal storm, but we'll see the moisture with this storm expand over our area as it moves through this evening. We should top out around 3". Unfortunately, the snow will finish up before midnight, which means not even any delays tomorrow. But who's really going to complain about more snow?

Thanks, Accuweather.
As for the rest of the week...

The GSD Staff has its collective big ear to the ground and we're hearing rumblings about a late week storm. The models are not in agreement at all, but one model has us getting a full-scale nor'easter. What's more likely to happen is a period of unsettled weather starting on Thursday afternoon and going into Friday. We'll have a period of light or moderate snow and then the snow will switch to rain. Certainly delays will be the main point of discussion as we head toward Valentine's Day. So much more to come about that storm.

Your chance to get one is coming soon...

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