Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clippers and a Looming Big Storm

Brace yourself, snow hounds. It seems we have another sizeable storm looming in the distance, which will impact our area Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning.

First, we have two clippers to contend with. We'll see at most 2" with each one of them. Both systems will affect the Berkshires during the day on Wednesday and then on Thursday.

Saturday now looks quiet--maybe a few flurries--but then it sounds like a big mess headed our way later in the day on Sunday. Here's a sneak peak at the storm for next week:

The low pressure system in this graphic is over eastern Tennessee. It would then shift to the east over the Delmarva peninsula and then bend northeastward. Yes, this storm has the potential to become a nor'easter.

Currently, models are in DATTATOTS mode so we're going to sit on this one for a few days. All models show us getting snow at some point between Sunday and Tuesday. We don't think it will be bigger than Delilah but road crews will definitely need to get back to work for this storm.

Just in case the nor'easter does develop, we're releasing the latest storm name poll. Voting will close on Saturday.

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