Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mid/Late Evening Report: Storm Delilah

Current delays/cancellations:

North Adams (snow day)
Clarksburg (snow day)
Florida, MA (snow day)
BArT (snow day)
Hancock (2 hr. delay)
Richmond (2 hr. delay)
New Lebanon, NY (2 hr. delay)

For the other schools...

The GSD Office is abuzz with excitement. This storm's narrative is thrilling. Delilah came early, delivered a nice blast of snow, fizzled out in a big way this afternoon and evening, and now it's setting up for a dramatic final act. Six to twelve more inches? The big goose egg? What's it going to be? Will students begin their vacations early or not? The tension is palpable! GSD Staff members are on edge.

But it's our job to quash the intense emotion and deliver the non-hyped reality of this storm. Earlier in the evening we assessed the radar and were underwhelmed. The DDS (dreaded dry slot) pushed into central and western New England and held totals down. A second dry slot appears to be moving into New Jersey.

Phase two was always going to be the big snow-maker for this storm, and that reality is now upon us. If we look at this radar picture (9 PM Thursday)...

...the precipitation is moving to the north and beginning to fill in the dry slot. The heavy rain right around NYC will overspread our area (as snow, not to worry) and bring us an addition 4-6" tonight around midnight. The question is whether that heavy snow band in eastern Pennsylvania will slide into our area and camp out for awhile. The models say it will, as do the meteorologists, but we're just a little concerned that the super heavy stuff will stay to our west. Lucky them.

The bottom line is that at this point Delilah is a crazy woman--we just don't know what she's going to do next. Our best guess is that she'll generate another 4-6 more inches of snow, and she might keep the snow going for the morning commute. Should she do that, we'll see more delays and a few more cancellations.

The midnight radar will tell us more, but very few of our flake followers will be up that late. We'll give one more update in an hour or so (11:00) before calling it a night. At this point we'll adjust the True North Confidence Meter in a more positive direction. We still do not feel great about the end of this storm working out in our favor.

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