Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Storm Watch in Effect as of 10:23 AM on Monday, Jan. 10

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Winter Storm Watch this morning. This is a very encouraging sign for our snow day on Wednesday. A watch means we have the potential of getting 7+ inches of snow. GSD will be very eager to see if the Watch becomes a Warning within the next twenty-four hours, which means that the track and reformation along the coast is almost certain to impact our area with a 8-12" storm. If the NWS goes to a Warning, you can pretty much guarantee you'll be sleeping in on Wednesday: the timing of this storm is perfect.

GSD's only concern (which is why we are holding at an 80% chance for Wednesday) is that the southern portion of the storm will move up too quickly and not combine with the westerly low pressure system. We have had these split storms in the past, and, for whatever reason, the Connecticut River valley somehow escapes the impact snow that had been predicted. We need to keep a sharp eye on this. Still, the threat of a foot of snow with the perfect timing and a superintendent ready to dip her toes in the snow day waters all point toward a day off on Wednesday. Cheerio!

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