Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Storm Watch for Tuesday

Things are heating up--literally and figuratively--and as of 4:07 am on MLK Jr. Day, the NWS has issued a WSW from 5:00 am Tuesday to 7:00 am Wednesday. This announcement certainly complicates matters when it comes to snow day prediction, but the trend, GSD friends, is upwards.

If you hadn't had just experienced the bliss of a snow day last night, then the Super would definitely call a snow day tomorrow in anticipation of a wintry mess. Since we just had one, the Superintendents of all of the county's schools and districts are going to be reluctant to call a second snow day, especially for a storm that is supposed to happen instead of already happening (like last week's was).

Let's remember, though, the addition of ice into the mix (pun fully intended) and how much of an impact that ingredient can have. Supers, in general, fear ice. No one in their right minds puts dozens of half-crazed 16-, 17-, and 18-year old drivers out on roads with ice on them. Right now the prediction is for the snow to turn to a wintry mix in the afternoon, probably around the time that you are released from the clutches of your school--not ideal for the Super, but ideal for a full snow day or possibly an early release.'s the official GSD stance on this storm as of now. We see an 75% chance of a full snow day, and a 50% chance of a pre-announced early release at 11:30 for the high school and 12:00 for the elementary schools. The amount of snow fall isn't a huge factor for this storm as the bulk of it will be falling after the Super makes the decision. We should see 4-6" out of the storm and then a shift to ice and freezing rain. As for the pre-announced early release, that's probably what our district should do (but in the past never has). But, because we have a new regime in place, we can not rule out a new policy of progressive thinking from the Super's office when it comes to snow day decisions.

Look for updates throughout MLK Day.


  1. Ice ice baby! Looking forward to updates as all is--literally and figuratively--up in the air.
    Will these flurries be sleeting? Is this mix on the rocks? Seems like we’re on thin ice, but I trust you’ll call a shovel a shovel in this slippery situation. Let’s pray the Snow Gods give our snow globe a shake. That’ll be the sleigh..

    sorry, these are bleak. Brain freeze

  2. Can I just say--fantastic blog!!!!