Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Storm 1.27 To Make Quick Exit

Looks like the snow party scheduled for Wednesday into Thursday is going to be more of a pre-dinner cocktail party than the all-night bender we were anticipating. Sorry, all you loyal Followers of the Flake. The chance of a snow day is still present, but the two-hour delay is looking like a more realistic outcome.

The storm will move from the Gulf to the Atlantic and then scoot out south of Cape Cod. It sounds like the cut-off line for moderate/heavy snow and very light snow will be extremely distinct. You could see an inch or two in Northern Berkshire but Pittsfield could get hit with 5-7". NOAA Albany forecasters think that the snow will top out around 8" in Litchfield (CT) County--this is not a good sign for a significant snow for the top end of the Berkshires.

Just not enough.
For those of you still holding out hope for an MSE, you should concentrate on the track. As a destitute gambler once said, "Only the track can save us now." If the low moves closer to Cape Cod, there's enough energy and moisture to shoot our predicted snow totals up in a hurry. We at GSD haven't quit on Storm 1.27 yet, but we have scaled way back on the balloons and party favors for this week's winter shindig.


  1. Think they'll tell us it's a delay this time? Or call us and tell us not to wait for the bus and get a ride to school just to find out it's a 2 hour delay when we drove there from lanesboro?

  2. :(

    this is terrible news... arrrrrrgggggggggg

  3. hahahahahahahahahahaha yes
    keep up the blog, though
    it's awesome and helpful:)
    except when it said 85% chance and it was just a delay:(
    that made me sad