Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday 1.21 Snow

GSD is reluctant to call the disturbance tonight a "storm" as the snowfall will be fairly light. The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory, which is the lowest level of the storm alert hierarchy (Watch being next best, Warning better, and Blizzard best). Three to six inches for our area; we'll probably come in around 5 inches in the VB  and 6 in the Boro. Sounds like enough to cancel school, but remember that this disturbance will take about 18 hours to run its course.

By the way, people in the upper Midwest and Rockies mock us Easterners openly for all of our school delays and cancellations. You know what happens when it snows out there? They plow the roads and drive slower. How novel.

GSD is still extremely confident that there will be school tomorrow--rats!--but a delay is not out of the question, as the Super recently clarified to the GSD staff that delays are possible but harder to coordinate because of bus schedules. Tomorrow might be a great day to test the waters to see how the bus company handles a delay. The only problem is that it probably will be snowing at the same relatively light rate at 7:00 am as it will be at 9:00 am, which would appear to defeat the purpose of the delay.

If the storm does start to bend north and the Advisory becomes a Watch, we'll let you know.

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