Tuesday, January 11, 2011

O Sweet Relief! -- The Midweek Snow Day

Break out the tubes, boys and girls, because you will be enjoying a midweek holiday. Throw in the three-day weekend coming up, and you are sitting on Easy Street. Assuming your teachers are followers of GSD, they DID have ample time to tack on some extra work for Thursday--so that might be working against you--but it's your loss and their gain if they didn't.

Here's the skinny: 8-14 inches with the snow starting around midnight. It should end fairly quickly sometime in the early to mid-afternoon on Wednesday. (Don't even go there...we will not be having a two-day snow day.) Bobby K over at Channel 13 has us at 10+, Accuweather has bumped us to 6-12", and the NWS Winter Storm Warning that came in at 3:47 am at 6-12" has since been bumped to 8-16". Even a blind man just off the boat from Papua New Guinea could make this call.

You might check in before you hit the sack just in case GSD has had to hit the panic button. But, really, you shouldn't sweat this one at all. Enjoy!


  1. That's what's good son money in tha bank $$$

  2. Woot Woot! :D That's def what's good son!

  3. shout out to MG from Bobby K: