Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day 1.18...Finally

Good work, Followers of the Flake. Our district was the last one in the county to make the snow day official, but the Super finally made the call at 6:02 am. Enjoy your second snow day of the season and second in the past week. All of your praying to the Snow Gods has paid off.

Do be careful today--the ice could be treacherous later in the day. Check in this evening to see if the ice will prevent us from going to school tomorrow. GSD doubts this will be a two-day event, but with ice, one never knows.


  1. Gee, ya think we could have waited a little longer to make the decision? I was already at school when the call was made (6:15 at our house and I waited til 10 after 6 before I left). Gotta be a better, more responsive notification system than this. 45 minutes later than the last one yet the conditions were not dissimilar to the last snow day. Very frustrating!

  2. Same here, the website wasn't changed at 6 when i checked and we dont get a call so i went to the bus stop and wouldn't have known if facebook on my ipod hadn't told me.

  3. Then haha to you two because I checked the website at 6:05 and it told me that I had a snow day