Friday, January 21, 2011

Boo-yah!--MSE for Wednesday 1.26

Anyone out there sick of snow?

Good. We didn't think so.

Boy, does it look like we're in for it on Wednesday. TWC has an insightful article at the website detailing the two most likely scenarios, and both have the Berkshires feeling the brunt of the storm. One scenario has the storm taking a more inland track, which would put the GSD-following area into that snow/sleet/ice swath. Not so appealing. The other scenario--much preferred--takes the track just along the coast. Nor'easter. Blizzard. Snowmageddon. Call it what you will--with the frigid cold in place (Plus 3 for high on Monday!) and the significant amount of moisture, this latest La Nina incarnation could be a whopper (i.e., 18+ inches). If the stars align, we could be talking two-day snow day.

Oh, yeah.

GSD does need to remind you that it's very early yet in the process. As quickly as the most recent storm ramped up and became a legitimate Winter Storm, this Next Big Thing could be a bust by sundown Sunday.

Stay the course, be patient, and this potential monster will get here in due time. If anything juicy comes along the wire over the weekend, we'll let you know. Monday evening is when the GSD staff will be on call 24/7 to meet your needs.

Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in a comment on any of the posts. Our Customer Service staff is always at the ready. We love GSD Follower input and are always looking for ways to enhance your snow day prediction experience. TTFN!


  1. i check this every day. good job guys!

  2. You are the best! Thanks so much for processing complicated information for us in a colorful, engaging an amusing way. And, a special thanks for modeling how to write a really good blog!

  3. As if snow days, themselves, are not great enough... Now I also have GSD to add to the excitement! Thank you!

  4. What did I do before GSD! Every school administrator in the Northeast should have this site as their screensaver. It should have been: "who you gonna blog? GSD!"

  5. GSD is boss!!!! Sounds like u guys got a pretty big staff there ;)

  6. Following this with great enjoyment from a state away- hope you call it right, altho we may be going to school forever at this rate- we've had 4 snow days here already.

  7. My friend & I were just contemplating that "big staff" the other day..we decided Maya Angelou is def part of the team