Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuesday-Wednesday (1/18-19) Still in Play...

First of all, congrats to little ol' Savoy, MA for accumulating 38.2" on Wednesday. That's what we're talking about.

For the next storm, GSD would like to give you more detailed information, but the computer models simply are not cooperating this far in advance.But here's what Jason Gough at Channel 13 had to say tonight (Thursday 1/13) about our storm next week:
The problem with Tuesday is where the storm tracks...some models are bringing it to our west, which means mixed precipitation and rain...others  have it along the coast which would bring us another big snowfall.
Obviously, the latter scenario is what we're praying to the snow gods for. Here's a little tidbit to keep in mind: In December, we saw a series of three storms (or predicted storms) all on Sundays and then the pattern changed. Right now, we just finished with a major Wednesday storm, and two storms are predicted for the next two Wednesdays. We're in a delightfully stormy pattern, so we are likely to get some kind of precipitation out of the next two storms, both of which will bring snow day possibilities to Tuesday and Wednesday for the next two weeks. We might not get a snow day next week--do we really need one with MLK Jr. Day?--but we are guaranteed to get wintry weather next week and the week after.

These are heady days, peeps, so kick back and just enjoy this old school winter.

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