Tuesday, January 25, 2011

South County Gets Winter Storm Watch

Earlier this afternoon, the NWS issued a Winter Storm Watch for Southern Berkshire county. GSD foresees a Winter Weather Advisory for Northern Berkshire at some point in the overnight hours or tomorrow before noon.

Back in early January, the Friday 1.7 storm started out as just a small clipper system and then became a storm with an advisory. Within a few hours the NWS ramped it up to a Winter Storm Watch--and all this  happened in rapid succession about twelve hours before the storm. So, what we're saying is, there's still a fighting chance. With a WSW in South County, the storm track just needs to nudge northward 50 miles and we could be back in business. Don't get too excited, but don't sleep on this storm either.

It should be a lively day at GSD. The staff is caffeined up and ready for a long night of watching models and reading reports. Updates aplenty during the day tomorrow.


  1. I, for one, will sleep more soundly knowing that the folks at GSD have my back. Thanks!

  2. oh, GSD--you make everything so exciting. my conversations have gone from, "nice weather we're having..*sigh*" to, "have you checked GSD lately??!"

    so I guess I'll need a blog for APUSH study guides, the growth of grass, NBC, rolling coins.. surely I wouldn't fall asleep so often (& would save a lot of money on caffeine)

  3. So, does the meter suggest we have a 95% chance of a snow event of some sort tomorrow? Or is it somehow inclusive?

  4. GSD Chief of Quality ControlJanuary 26, 2011 at 8:35 AM

    The Snow Day and Delay percentages are separate and distinct from one another. You could have 75% chance of a delay and a 50% chance of a snow day. We'll try to make it clear which one we favor (ex. 85% snow day; 10% delay) for all future predictions so you can best plan your day.

  5. So much for the 18+" that was predicted for today in last weekend's post. Got my hopes up and everything :(