Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the Bleak Midwinter...

So, Storm 1.27, we spend all this time with you, follow you from your infancy, nurture you into existence, watch you come of age down there on the coast, and then when your big day is supposed to happen, this is how you treat us? This is how you play us?

We're not angry with you, young man. We're just very disappointed.

So, now what do we do, Mr. Storm 1.27? Should we just wait around for your malnourished little Alberta Clipper friend who might grace us with his wimpy presence over the weekend? No thanks, we'll pass. Because we thought you were the one, Storm 1.27. You had the juice, the swagger, the pizazz. But you're dead to us now.

Rumor has it your cousin 2.5 could be coming around next week. Oh, I think we'll like him alright, but let's hope he's planning on arriving here a day early. In the meantime--just in case--we'll get the guest room ready.


  1. Ohhh disOWNED.
    Let's name 2.5: Kristofferson Silverfox

  2. One of the best entries yet!

    raised eyebrow : "alright" ??? hmmmm....

    Next thing you know, alot of stuff will be alright... Not sure about it's acceptance by the Grammar Police, however... [all sic]

  3. GSD Chief of Quality ControlJanuary 26, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    Not to turn a weather blog into a grammar blog, but...

    Although we wish we had already covered this topic, we feel compelled to reveal that the GSD Style Manual grants permission to our writing staff to use "alright" given the altogether informal voice of almost all posts.

  4. das right 10th graders gone paranoid up in herrre

  5. nice job i really liked that post but im sooo mad we are not having a snow day!!!!!!!

  6. I curse this dead storm with the remainder of my strength