Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cold Day for Monday 1.23?

Gotta love the tenacity of the GSD Followers. Earlier today, an anonymous commenter queried about the chance of a cold day tomorrow because of the Nova Zemblan freeze we're experiencing--the latest forecast is for a low of -17 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. At first the GSD staff just chuckled, but the more we thought it about, the more we realized there actually is a chance of a two-hour delay from the brutal cold.

 Nova Zembla--not a popular vacation destination.

Here's how it could happen: Diesel fuel does not do well in crazy low temperatures. We're not entirely sure of the tipping point, but diesel fuel can solidify in very cold weather. The modern technology of school buses is pretty amazing, but engineers are yet to figure out how to power engines on chunks of fuel. We at GSD aren't even sure if the district's buses are diesel-fueled, but if they are, there's an outside chance that the cold fuel will seize up the engines.

We're not going to put it in the Confidence Meter because the chance is very remote, but we thought we'd at least throw it out there to our loyal followers.

As for Wednesday, there are more signs the storm could be creeping southward, which is not what we want. Work your magic, GSD devotees, and will this storm to take that coveted coastal track. Until we meet again...


  1. Our busses do use diesel fuel, but in the winter, they cut it with some type of additive so it does not become gelatinous. :(

  2. They also have pre-heaters. Just plug 'em in and they're ready to go in the morning (as long as Bob remembered to plug 'em in).

  3. They are diesel but i believe if i remember correctly below -10 degrees that additive is no longer useful. We shall see though...

  4. What about danger of frostbite for those waiting for the bus?

  5. ^^^^^^^

    on topic:its looking pretty good. I think since there's a good chance we'll get tons of snow, we should cancel school ahead of time...

  6. What is the % of a delay tommorow morning?
    What is the % of the chance we will get a delay??

  7. the lady in that video has way to many necklaces on. but it does look very promising. lets keep our fingers crossed.

  8. this blog is awsomeeee
    i read it every day!!
    and I would add in to this conversation but my dad drives me to school so i have nothing to worry about in the case of busses and what fuel they have haha
    but any way good job on the blog!