Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Storm Warning Until Noon Friday 1.21

You're not going to believe it but the storm racing across the country is slated to intensify and Winter Storm Warnings were posted this afternoon. The Warning is in effect from midnight tonight to noon tomorrow. Because the storm is a fast mover, the determining factor for the snow day will be the rate of snow in the "decision zone" from 4:30 am to 5:30 am. If it's coming down an inch an hour, we are most likely looking at a snow day.

The general consensus at GSD is that we really ought to save these days up for the bigger storms next week and the week after, but Mother Nature does what she wants and we play by her rules.

So, once again today we're jacking up the percentage, this time to 80%. That two-hour delay is still a possibility (because of the timing of the storm), but the odds are now in your favor. If this were the first storm of the season, we'd be weighing in at 95%, but Tuesday's day off means districts will not be as eager to call off school tomorrow.

Set your alarms for 5:45 am--that's about when the decision is going to come in, and it will most definitely be down to the wire.

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