Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Storms, Storms & More Storms Through February

GSD couldn't have picked a better year to make its presence know on the web. The storm season has been shockingly active, and except for the first two storms, we've been hit hard and we will be continue to be hit hard at a storm a week clip.

Do NOT get too excited about Friday. Even if the storm brings 4-6" inches, which it probably will, there will be a lot of community and parental pressure to have school. You just can't use up three snow days in the first part of January. You know it. GSD knows it. And the Super knows it. But as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber might say, we're telling you there's a chance.

All you weather watchers should not despair about the very brief dearth of storms. The long range forecast is for this lively weather pattern to continue. Here is all the evidence you need from Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski [love the middle syllable of the last name--ed.]:
We have had two storm tracks [this winter] thus far. One modest track brings storms in from the Pacific and cross-country over the Upper Midwest. A second track has had storms forming along the Gulf coast then tracking up the Atlantic Seaboard.

Usually you get one or the other to dominate. However, it seems we have been flipping back and forth between the two. The result has been light to moderate snow events over the Midwest and episodes of heavy snow along the Atlantic Seaboard.

Going on through early February, this pattern will continue. There is also the potential for the duo-storm track to phase along the East Coast, raising concerns for a couple more "blockbuster" storms through that period.

Get us a paper bag because the GSD Staff is officially hyperventilating. We all just need to stay calm, enjoy the day off, and then get ready to ramp it up again next Wednesday for the next MSE. But don't you dare sleep on Friday's storm just yet.


  1. i don't mean to be so greedy but.... no possibility of snowday tommorow? :(

  2. GSD Chief of Quality ControlJanuary 18, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Not out of the realm of possibility but really unlikely; focus on Friday.