Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Maps for 1.18 Storm...and Friday Storm?

Here are the latest snowfall predictions for the Tuesday storm:

 Accuweather and TWC were low on the last two storms, so you should be thinking around 6" for this storm depending on the time of the sleet/ice changeover. Speaking of which, here's this little tidbit gleaned from the latest storm news at Accuweather:
The most significant icing will occur across the lower Hudson Valley of New York, western Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and portions of Maine on Tuesday and Tuesday night. This will be due to the fact that cold air will be in place at the surface and milder air will rush in at higher levels in the atmosphere.
We can safely say that all afternoon and evening practices, games, and activities will be canceled or postponed on Tuesday. (Good luck getting those games rescheduled.)

Even though we really need all efforts concentrated on tomorrow's storm, we thought we'd just throw out this nugget from a report on a weather system for the end of the week:
Winter Weather Expert Meteorologist Joe Bastardi is concerned that if the two systems phase together upon reaching the Northeast, a heavy accumulation of snow would result, rather than just a few inches of snow.
Anyone up for a two-day week?

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  1. two day day week? HELL YEAH!!! i get even more time to work on my creative writing project that my creative teacher assigned to me :P