Monday, January 10, 2011

This Indecision's Bugging Me

Continuing the boyfriend/girlfriend metaphor of the previous posting...well, The Clash are playing in the background, she's actively flirting with the guy/girl across the eastern part of the room, and we at GSD do not like it one single bit. (For goodness sakes let's hope they don't start dancing MG style. Cover your eyes, children.)

Here's what we like about Wednesday's storm:

1) The NWS Storm Watch starts at midnight Tues/Wed--perfect timing.
2) Channel 13 has Northern Berkshire down for 6-10 inches.
3) Storm models for our area tend to come on strong initially, indicate a weakening, and then revert back to a strong forecast ("strong" as in lots of snow). We're in the weakening stage.
4) Fairly easy call for the Super if it's snowing at 5:00 am.
5) It's colder than Grinch's pre-epiphany heart.
6) It will snow--guaranteed.
7) Forecasters misidentified the main snow belt from last storm's Norlun trough, missing it by 150 miles. (This could also be a "don't like.")

Here's what we don't like:

1) The two combining lows are supposed to come together too far off the coast to get us over 6".
2) Accuweather has North Berkshire down for 3-6". Gulp.
3) The southern low does not have that much moisture with it.
4) A look at the current radar shows the split (see paragraph 2) is very much in play.
5) Numbers 5-7 above are rationalizations to make the "likes" list look longer.

That's all for tonight. More updates throughout the day tomorrow. Again, GSD is still leaning toward a snow day but without the unbridled gusto we had on Sunday.

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