Monday, January 3, 2011

Alberta Clipper 1/7

Generally speaking, Alberta clippers are weaker snow producers and rarely produce snow days. In fact, only three Alberta clippers have produced cancellations or early releases in the last ten years in our school district. They tend to produce lower snow amounts (3-6" inches), they often occur during the day or early evening, and they move fast like a clipper ship.

All reports are leaning toward Friday's storm being a snow producer, especially it forms a low off the mid-Atlantic coast and then shoots north-northeastward. It won't produce a lot of snow (6" at most), but all we need is six inches to be predicted during the day if the storm begins early enough.

Unfortunately, our staff at GSD has had the time to review the early weather models and the timing is NOT working in our favor. The only hope is that the Alberta Clipper will jump on the back of that big ol' jet stream and make it to the coast lickety split. If the storm "goes coastal" in the wee hours of Friday morning, we could be in business.

As always, the next 48 hours will tell us a lot--keep checking in.

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