Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 1.21 Update

GSD staff members just completed some late night observations, and, right on cue, it is indeed snowing as of midnight Thursday. The snow is very light, as if someone is taking very fine sandpaper to a giant block of ice and spreading the dust around the Berkshires. According to the NWS, the snow should pick up in intensity from 2:00 am to 7:00 am, bringing us 1/2" or 1" of snow per hour.

Given the quick movement of the storm, things should be winding down by 11:00 am or noon tomorrow, which would make a two-hour delay the most prudent decision. We're not sure if the bus company is ready for this scenario, so we'll focus our decision on the full snow day. The possibility for a full-day release is still in the mix, but GSD thinks road crews can get most of the snow cleared for the morning commute, and we've downgraded our Confidence Meter to indicate the shorter time span of the storm. The final decision will hang in the balance right up to 5:45 am tomorrow. The decision to cancel school will be a conservative one; the decision to have school will be more risky. Either way, we'll learn more about the Super's decision-making tendencies no matter what happens tomorrow morning.

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  1. You're a boss!!! U don't eve sleep!! :D