Friday, January 28, 2011

Accuweather Touts Groundhog Day Storm (2.2)

Accused: Accuweather

Crime: Hyperbole

Evidence: [today's Accuweather headline] "Groundhog Day Storm May Affect 100 Million People"

Thanks, Accuweather!
And GSD thought it was prone to ramping up predictions in the name of drama and greater following. Geesh.

We're definitely encouraged by this report, but GSD is not falling for these meteorological shenanigans so easily. Let us review the indisputable facts: We've had seven big predicted storms since the beginning of the season. The first two in December missed us to the south, the next three hit us, and the last storm pooped out at the end. Three for six is a pretty good day at the dish for Jacoby Ellsbury, but--newsflash, peeps--weather isn't baseball.

Sorry again all you GSD Followers, but we think the storm will head out to sea for time number five. (The NOAA gang back us up on this forecast as well--try to siphon through this mumbo jumbo if you're up for it.) Will we be surprised if the storm curls to the north and wallops us? Of course not. But we're certainly not holding our breath just yet. There's no question it bears watching, but prepare for the reality of another full week of school. "April is the cruelest month"? We'll agree to disagree, Mr. Eliot.


  1. Even when the news is bad, you give us a smile. Thanks!

  2. I counted the number of storms you listed and it only added up to six. That means this next one would only be the fourth to go out to sea...unless there was one you forgot to mention?

  3. Punctuation belongs inside parentheses when they contain a complete sentence.
    Otherwise, the use of "with it" youthful phrasing is distracting. The writer clearly wants to achieve a casual tone, but goes overboard with his efforts, ending up with a verbose and confusing product.

  4. hyperbole is the worst crime ever!!!

  5. what does "boffo" really mean?