Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter Storm Watch for the Berkshires

The chance for a significant snowfall for Monday is on the increase. Initially, weather forecasters held off on giving the Berkshires the Winter Storm Watch that they gave to everyone else around us, but now the signs are pointing to more than 9" of snow over a 24-hour period, which has necessitated the Watch.

Thanks, Accuweather.
This storm, though, is far from a certainty. The best case scenario is that once it starts snowing Sunday afternoon, it will not stop snowing until the very early hours of Tuesday. If that scenario, develops we'll see 15" to 18" total. The worst case scenario is that the boundary between the bitter cold air and the very warm air to our south (it will be in the 50s in most parts of NJ tomorrow) sets up over us and above us and we get a soup of rain, sleet, and freezing rain. Either scenario means that we are almost certain to have a shortened day or no day at all on Monday.

Expect a few inches of snow in the middle of the day today. As for the start time of the Sunday/Monday storm, the GSD Staff thinks it will begin around 3 PM Sunday.

Much of the staff has a big agricultural conference today and will not be able to update you on the storm until much later tonight. Right now we are confident that Monday will be a snow day, but conditions could change because of the uncertainty about where that boundary will set up.

Much more later tonight and tomorrow. Don't forget to vote for this storm's name!

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