Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Storms Around the Corner

We've been quiet the last few days because the forecast has been quiet. But that is about to change.

We have two storms in our near future. We could see moderate snow Sunday night into Monday, and then Tuesday into Wednesday we have a possible snow and mixed precipitation storm headed our way.

The Sunday/Monday storm is more likely, but it has less moisture associated with it. The Euro model is predicting up to half an inch of liquid, which could mean 6" of snow for us. That's certainly enough to alter the length of the day on Monday, if not cancel school. This storm looks better for North County than South County, but we'll see if it shifts in the next few days.

There's so much uncertainty about the Tuesday/Wednesday storm that we're not going to spend too much time on it right now. We'll see if it develops, and if it does, it will be much more potent than the piddling 4-6" we will likely see on Sunday.

Watch for the return of subzero cold Friday and Saturday mornings. Bundle up!

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