Monday, February 23, 2015

Freeze Delays


It's seems like we've written this sentence about five times already this winter, but (we think) we really mean it this time. We could see the coldest morning of the season tomorrow.

The NWS has issued a Wind Chill Advisory through 6 AM tomorrow morning. What's funny is that there really isn't going to be that much wind by the morning hours. It's just going to be that cold.

It will be cold this week, but a warm-up has been predicted for March.
We expect the low tomorrow to happen around 6 or 7 AM when we could see temps between -12 and -18 degrees. A little wind will actually prevent temperatures from falling too low. If the wind stops in your area, it could get to -18. If it gets that low, it could break the daily record.

With temps this low, bus engines could be impacted. Several school districts have already made the decision to start the day later to let everything warm up a few degrees.

We'll start a list here and hope to update it throughout the evening. This will be a very hit-or-miss decision depending on the mood of your superintendent, so not all Berkshire County schools will be impacted.


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