Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arctic Blast for the Weekend; Possible Storm

After a nice few days of winter normalcy--some sun, a few high clouds, temps in the mid 20s and lower 30s--we're about to see a drastic change.

The storm we had been talking about for Thursday has now been put in the fizzle folder. We will see light snow and snow showers starting tonight. The best the Berkshires will see is 2.5 inches, but that's it. The snow fall rate will not be high enough to generate any delays. We'll leave a small percentage on the True North Confidence Meter, but all students in Berkshire County should expect a full day of school tomorrow.

From the NWS Albany Office (for Monday morning)
Starting tomorrow, we're going to see some of the coldest air we've had in these parts in years. We should be below zero to start the day on Friday, and then it will warm up to a balmy 8 degrees for the high for the day. Saturday will feel like spring is just around the corner with temps approaching 20 degrees.

And then there's Sunday.

Sunday's high will be 2 degrees, with a 10 to 20 mph wind kicker. Some spots in the Berkshires might not get above zero for the day. A Wind Chill Advisory or Warning is likely for Sunday into Monday morning, when temps could drop to -15 degrees, -30 with the wind chill. It looks like Sunday will be a very good idea to get the wood stove going early and to stay indoors.

With vacation week upon us (for most), we're not too concerned about the long-range forecast, but we are hearing a few rumblings about a signficant snow storm for Saturday night into Sunday and then one on Tuesday. Saturday's storm could bring us 6-10". (We do not like the tone of that sound you just made. Don't even think about wanting this winter to end!)

Bundle up! And we'll have more about the Saturday storm when we learn a few more details.

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