Monday, February 2, 2015

Storm Trooper Delivers

Storm Trooper took a break around 3 PM today, but the radar clearly shows that there's one more stretch of moderate snow in store for us. The snow should end between 7 and 8 tonight.

That blue patch over is will give us at least two more inches of snow through the evening hours tonight.
At GSD Headquarters, we have 11.0 inches on the ground. We've seen reports of 12 in North Adams and 8 in Lanesborough as well. We expect to see another two or three inches from this latest piece of the storm. Roads were getting clear, but plowing crews will have to get back out there again tonight.

Delays are not at all likely for tomorrow. With the storm hanging on a little longer than anticipated, the clouds will be slow to dissipate and will prevent radiational cooling from occurring. It's still going to be bitterly cold tonight, but not so cold as to debilitate diesel buses.

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