Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Snow Day

Life is good. The Pats miraculously won the Super Bowl. The snow started falling just about on time last night. The snow continues to fall at a pretty good clip and will do so until later this afternoon. This storm actually is behaving the way weather experts thought it would behave. Superintendents are relaxed and know they made the right call. Students got to sleep in a little bit. It's a great day in the Berkshires.

At the GSD Home Office, we have about five inches of new snow. We even received a special weather statement about blizzard conditions for Northern Berkshire. The radar indicates we'll add another 3-5" throughout the day. The temperatures will max out today around 18 degrees.

A recent Weather Channel tweet--wow!
As for our freeze delay tomorrow, we're not very confident any more about it. The temps will only (!) get to negative low single digits--around -5 degrees--which is not anything too extreme.

What merits more attention is another snow event for Thursday. Right now the timing doesn't look great--midday through the evening hours--but we could see 3-5" when it is all said and done.

We'll keep an eye on it so you don't have to. Enjoy the day off if you have it.

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