Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alberta Clipper Visits Tonight; Messy Weekend Forecast

Be on the lookout, Flake Followers, for a little light snow tonight into tomorrow morning. We'll see up to 3" or 4" in the higher terrains with this minor system, but most of us in the County will see an inch. There's a slight chance for a delay for Central Berkshire tomorrow, but it's nothing to pin your hopes on.

On Thursday, temps will be half of what they were today (15 degrees for a high), and we might see a few potent snow squalls as the AC hits the coast and strengthens. There was just a hint of spring in the air today, wasn't there.

Friday and Saturday mornings will be brutally cold in advance of a (relative) warm-up and weekend snow storm. The storm is going to come in from the Ohio Valley, which means for the first time in a very long time we are talking about the potential for mixed precipitation for Sunday. There's a lot of model disagreement at this point, but the consensus is that we'll see a moderate snow storm starting later in the day on Saturday and ending Sunday night.

We doubt it will impact school on Monday, but it will definitely slow down people's travel plans if they're coming back from vacation.

Classic winter storm set-up. Thanks to Accuweather for the graphic.
The GSD Staff will now turn its attention to this weekend storm; we'll have more specific info tomorrow.

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